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Key Factors to focus

  • Plan your goal and start early to achieve it Note that any competitive examination preparation is not just about mastering the syllabus but it's about how to master tough concepts and learn how to solve problems. Start focusing on both before 11th grade. Make the habit of solving puzzles from an early age.

  • Focus on self study The most important is to give time to yourself. Apart from tuitions and schools sit for 6 to 7 hours to read a concept and solve problems .this will help you in learning all by yourself.

  • Right Approach Do not simply read a concept as it is very intellectual so try to reproduce it 10 to 20 times from scratch that is do not memorize rather derive it from scratch every time.

  • Start solving problems It is only now that you should start solving problems and as you make mistakes and struggle the concept will be more clear in your mind.

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